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The FR F2 sniper rifle was first fielded in 1986 to meet the French Army's demands for a sniper rifle capable of accurately striking targets at ranges up to 800 meters. The FR F2 is a total reconstruction to meet new technical requirements and  accept the 7.62 x 51mm cartridge when France began using standard NATO ammunition.   To promote superior precision, the FR F2 uses a free floating, conical barrel allowing it a durability of 10,000 rounds minimum and a unique twist of 3 right stripes at a pitch of 290mm.  One of the FR F2's most notable features is a distinctive heat shield that covers the barrel and part of the receiver. This was specifically chosen to conceal the weapon from night vision and thermal devices that would otherwise detect the heat generated from firing multiple rounds. The heat shield is also used to mitigate the mirage caused by heat dissipation from the cannon. The FR F2 also features a unique integrated bipod, which attaches to the rifle via a sleeve that rests on the barrel. This bipod structure allows the rifle  some degree of movement and pivoting.


Included with the weapon: 


  •  a bi-pod
  • a strap,
  • two chargers
  • a mag pouch with 2 pockets
  • two stock spacers
  • two cheek elevators
  • a brass cleaning sheath
  • disassembly tool/zippered carry pouch, oil bottle, field bag and field manual
  • carrying case


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FRF2 F05877

SKU: F05877
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